College Life Monsters and Obstacles

College studying is much harder than high school one. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for a new life in advance, giving up bad habits that hinder learning. We are going to check out what habits can influence your college life in a very unpleasant way.

There are many temptations faced by students. They often use a variety of tricks which allows them not to make a pause in learning process. For instance:

1) pretending to be ill, being healthy in fact;

2) playing mobile phones, visiting social networks during lessons;

3) making up weird excuses for backlog, such as the dog have eaten the homework, the computer was broken down;

4) drawing instead of writing summaries of lessons;

5) chatting with friends in class, instead of listening to the professor;

6) behaving as a clown in class, cheering peers instead of learning;

7) ignoring preparation for an important test;

8) writing works illegible and inaccurate;

9) permanent absence of office supplies such as pens or pencils;

10) ignoring professor’s instructions;

11) skimming the text, rather than a careful study of it;

12) missing deadlines;

13) unwillingness to carry textbooks for lessons;

14) using the services of freelance essay writing online;

15) hope that parents will wake up in the morning, instead of using an alarm clock;

16) hope that parents and teachers will organize everything instead of you;

17) sitting out the class life, being quiet and unobtrusive;

18) putting off your tasks till kingdom come;

19) behaving like the most popular and cool guy in school;

20) worrying about your personal life more than about learning;

21) dissimulating your leadership qualities.

  • Alcohol in the life of college students

Today, most young people become acquainted with alcohol even in high school. Young people make new acquaintances in college. Most students try to know themselves, to define their borders. At this time, alcohol becomes a part of their lives. College entails big changes in life, such as new people to communicate with, new relationships and so on. Alcohol can help to cope with the changes in your life.

Social norms have an impact on young people. It is believed that drinking alcohol makes people more cheerful and funny in the company of peers. Youth makes a choice to drink or not to drink alcohol on every party. Students often drink a lot in the first year of studying in order to impress their mates. However, with time it’s made you more diffident, and once you will figure out, that you can’t spend your time with pleasure without alcohol. The worst thing is that this behavior is still socially approved.

  • Video game addiction

For today, the game World of Warcraft is considered the main cause of students’ expulsion in the United States. Is it really necessary to understand is it true or not. Let’s study habits of video game fans.

Video games break the daily routine of students and take a lot of time in its turn. They often divert students from lessons and home affairs. According to an anonymous survey – more than half the students are addicted to computer games and play regularly.

There are a lot of reasons why video games are popular among students:

• Games for communication with people;

• As a way to get rid of boredom;

• Talk with friends who are far away;

• Ability to make new acquaintances.

Most computer games are played not only by students but also by other members of their family.

Students, who play games in order not to do their homework, are more likely to be dropped out of college. There is more due to a lack of interest in studying than because of their dependence on video games.

Students often play computer games because they do not know how to organize their time and because of the lack of self-control. The culture of video games is very popular among college students, but you need to play responsibly, so as not to harm the school.

  • Gambling

Gambling is the most popular among college students as it is legal, available to play online, it is possible to use your credit cards and you can easily satisfy your needs, which is a distinctive feature of modern society.

The prevalence of gambling is also linked with advertising (e.g. advertising poker) and the lack of information about the harm of gambling.

Gambling is often available on campus. It is more or less legal, as it is neither encouraged, nor forbidden, and can take such forms as:

– A dispute about personal skills (who can drink most of all, for example);

– Games like casinos (poker, blackjack);

– Sports bets;

– Lottery.

Games on the internet are very popular because they are easy to play, no matter where you are. But this kind of games is associated with certain risks:

• Addiction;

• Illegal in many countries (you are not insured against fraud);

• Money is virtual, one does not feel their value;

• Payments are made with a delay;

• The ability to get instant credit.

You should remember one important thing while playing: casino winning always, and your are not. So it’s far from easy money way. Also, it should be pointed out that college students play not only to win money but also to have fun and do not feel lonely when their peers ignore them for some reasons.

College students have to work hard to get through all those complicated tasks they have. Essay writing is another challenge for students. These activities require extraordinary efforts from a student. Some people are ready to fulfill someone else’s job for money. There are even different essay writing services, who aim is to sell you the essay you need online. It sounds good, but, unfortunately, the chances to buy low-quality paper full of plagiarism or just get scammed are too high.

Students are more likely to pay someone to write their essay than write it on their own. And these are main reasons:

– Lack of confidence in their own abilities;

– Irresponsibility;

– Lack of time-management skills;

– Laziness;

– The desire to have fun with friends instead of studying.

Modern essay services are pretty helpful as they are able to write a paper according to your level of knowledge and according to your writing skills, so your professor won’t have any doubts the work was written by you.

Life of college students is full of parties. They can be dedicated to some holiday, sports matches, birthdays and to bring a spark in your everyday routine.

Parties can last all night and they usually do. If a student attends such events among the working week, in the morning it will be hard to go to classes. Often the cause of absence is that the students are sleeping after a night of partying hard.

Students’ meetings are generally accompanied by much alcohol. Young people who abuse alcohol may then participate the riots, have conflicts with the police, spoil someone else’s property. Also, after parties students often drive the car in an intoxicated condition, which entails a car accident.

However, the majority of students manages to go through the party hard challenge, so the only thing you have to follow is to drink and party responsibly.

Student life is full of different temptations, but if one approaches intelligently, the years in college will definitely be the best in student life.